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Wholesale Order Policy
Not all prints sold are available at wholesale prices.
  At this time only Caribbean prints by the following artists are available at wholesale prices:

Artist Prints Price
Herbie Rose All $12.00
Lynne Bishop All $12.00
Messam All $12.00
Blackdoor All $12.00
Grey All $12.00
Moore All $12.00
Tansley Contemplation
Tansley All except above two $9.50


To receive prints at wholesale prices evidence must be sent to prove that the person or business is a legitimate reseller of Art. Evidence required is copy of resale certificate or Federal ID number.

All first time wholesale orders must be for a minimum of $100.00 wholesale. 
Follow up orders must be for a minimum of $50.00 wholesale.
S & H costs are $7.00 minimum and $0.75 per print for all prints in excess of 5.

To order at wholesale please email a copy of your resale certificate or Federal ID # along with your order and telephone number to or complete and submit form below.



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