Susan Alexander Biography


Born in New York, 1929 Susan Alexander studied Art at the Pratt Institute, Skidmore College and in France at the l'école des Beaux-Arts . In 1951 she came to Jamaica and stayed.

Her earliest works were in water color (mostly Landscapes) and pastels. Over the next three decades she opened into other media - oils, bronze, and polyform. Among her leading sources of inspiration are Jamaica's rich folk culture, the individualism of its people, dance as an indegenious art form, and the vital roll of religion, mythology and spiritual energy in Island life.

In 1977, she started an art programme at two of this country's maximum security prisons. For about a decade, she taught and mentored inmates at General Penitentiary and St Catherine District Prison. She also opened Upstairs Downstairs Gallery along with her husband, Neville. The gallery had monthly exhibits which would often include musical and dance performances. In particular, young artists and foreign artists were highlighted.

In 2008 Susam published "Jamaican Journey",

Her works has appeared in solo and group exhibitions in Jamaica and elsewhere, and can be found in many private and public collections throughout the Americas, Europe and the Far East.

Selected Awards

Jamaica Festival First prize for painting, 1975
Marcus Garvey Award for Art, 1978
Hall of Fame of the Caribbean Foundation for the Arts, 1999
International Swimming Hall of Fame 2000 Artist of the Year award in Ft Lauderdale, U. S. A.,

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