Colin Barrington Smith

Colin Smith is an artist whose love of the Caribbean landscape, culture and music is evident in his paintings - from tranquil island scenes to vibrant melodic abstracts. Originally from the Island of Jamaica, Colin found inspiration from his youth in the lush Jamaica flora and the surrounding Caribbean sea. Colin studied at the Jamaica School of Art, which is known as the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts. His love of art transcends the canvas, as he is also a very talented musician who plays keyboards, guitar and banjo.

He won a number of awards in the yearly Jamaica Festival Awards for his art work and has had exhibitions in Jamaica and South Florida.

His favorite medium for painting is canvas.

As a testament to his talent, Colin's work can be found in private and public collections internationally. One of his more rewarding pieces is a mural commissioned by the Rotary Club of Kingston Downtown, in Jamaica which stands at the entrance of the school of Hope for the Mentally Handicapped in Mona, Kingston.

Now a resident of South Florida, Colin is enjoying the local scenery, which has been the inspiration of recent work.

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