A.J. BROWN  The  Artist

A.J. Brown discovered the world of Art when he attended Cornwall College in 1969 and, by the time he graduated in 1974, his knowledge had increased while his talent was stimulated and nurtured. AJ enlisted in the National Youth Service (N.Y.S.) program in 1975 as a display artist at the St. James Parish Library in Montego Bay and while working there he landed a night job at the Banana Boat Club where he spent nine months developing his singing and performing talents.

In 1977 A J’s artistic talents got a boost when he was accepted to attend the Jamaica School of Art at Cultural Training Complex (C.T.C.) now renamed The Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts. The ensuing four years were to become the most creatively stimulating and rewarding for AJ as he attempted to balance both talents in a symbiotic relationship. AJ would attend art classes from Monday to Fridays and on weekends he would entertain in the various hotels along Jamaica’s north coast as a cabaret artist.

The symbiosis between art and music would prove to be significant in the way events unfolded in AJ’s life. The move to Art School in Kingston marked the end of his stint as a band vocalist and the beginning of what was to become a successful career as a cabaret entertainer. This move gave AJ the financial independence he needed to pay his way through Art School.

AJ graduated from CTC with a diploma in Graphic Design 1981 and by then his entertainment career had moved into such a high gear that less attention was being given to his artistic endeavors. 1989 saw a resurgence of AJ’s artistic abilities when he was accepted to attend the PRATT Institute in Brooklyn, New York however, an offer to work in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel and Casino and attend The University of Nevada Las Vegas (U.N.L.V.) proved to be an offer that he could not refuse.

History repeated itself in AJ’s life when he found himself attending classes in the days and performing at nights but this time it was at a higher level in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. The absence of a Computer Graphics Program at UNLV, led AJ to explore the Fine Art program in which he refocused his attention on painting. In 1993 AJ graduated from UNLV with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and between 1993 and 1996 his paintings and drawings were exhibited in a number of galleries and exhibitions in Las Vegas. 

AJ return to Jamaica in 1997 and though his attention had shifted to performance and recording, his paintings and drawings were included in a few exhibitions. In 2003 AJ’s attention again shifted to Art and by December he mounted his first one-man exhibition at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston. AJ is now firmly established as an artist whose works are being exhibited alongside the masters of Jamaican art as well as the introduction of his own brand of art exhibition called “VISUALS IN PERFOREMANCE” or VIP.

The Jamaica Tourist Board recently invited AJ to be a part of a delegation to attend the 2006 Houston International Festival of which Jamaica was the host country. While in Houston, The Carimed group was added to the list of owners of A.J. Brown paintings when they purchased a piece from the Pegasus Gallery.  The Liguanea Festival of Fine Art and Photography was the next to invite AJ to show off his works in 2008 and in June 2009 the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce invited AJ to be a booth owner at their annual four day Expo.

The journey continues with the developers of Phenion on The Ridge, a bold, new concept in lifestyle experiences routed in Cultural Tourism. The developers of this concept saw it fit to invite AJ to be a part of ‘The Ultimate Lifestyle’ slated to have it’s grand opening in Fall 2011

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